TOPIC: Feelings

This month’s topic is all about weak knees and strong hearts.


There’s a lot of stigma in today’s world. Prescribing the way we should look, what pronouns we should use based solely on our physical bodies, how we should behave in certain situations, and even the manner in which we should internally process the things around us. Simply and bluntly, nowadays, it’s not very cool to feel at all.

We are systematically led to cut ties with our inner selves. Are you sad? Just bottle it up and carry on being a productive particle beneficial to the system. Are you genuinely happy? Well, wipe the smile off your face. It’s rather inappropriate to feel content let alone happy with YOURself, duh!?

Feelings are rad and it is more than OK to feel them all. Mental health remains one of the most neglected areas of human well-being and it’s effed up that even our inner worlds should be regulated. With this month’s topic we gently give this concept the finger. We’ll bring you a number of exciting and inspirational creators who show us the multi-coloured beauty of feelings. Tune up your emotions.

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Text: Padla Nemeckova
Photo: Kateřina Kabelková
Clothes: Natálie Dufková

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