TOPIC: Harmony

It’s getting warmer, one foot in a woolen sock and one foot in a flip-flop. This month’s issue is all about finding the even-steven state and recharging.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

2Artwork by Magdalena Prudikova


Spring feels like the season of calm and honey-mild peace in between the freezing cold and scorching hot months. Everything kinda oscillates nearer the center. The day and the night even out in equinox. Hibernating feelings melt in the piercing sun like the first scoop of ice-cream on your tongue. Sometimes you can almost feel little neon green buds pricking through your skin. But you know, the snow evaporated in this annual tacky magic show also reveals all the poops that the puppers, floofers, and woofers left behind. That being said, the image of spring rejuvenation is very appealing but hard to achieve when your body and soul are a pooped-over public park. This month’s issue is all about cleaning this mess and finding your inner and outer HARMONY. Let your hair down in crispy breeze, soak in all the cosmic particles of the sun, listen to your favorite songs, sip a lemonade to the rhythm. Don’t get stuck in the ice already melted, don’t rush into the summer night fevers – harmonize.

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Artwork: Magdalena Prudikova
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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