TOPIC: (Im)purity

What’s pure and what’s not? And does it even matter? The answer lies deep down in your heart.

Text by Anna Wim

purity_770x533 copy
Artwork by Barbora Demovicova


Sweat, dirt, bodily fluids,… All that is deemed impure and unnatural is in fact the purest form of being human. Screw that glossy, perfect-looking image we all put up in front of other people. Life sucks, life is hard, life is exhausting – stop denying that. Show your anger, your weaknesses, your quirks and kinks; and don’t worry about the rest.

Embrace your own (im)purity and show us what can be found in the hidden corners of your soul – there are no limitations, no judgments, no rules. Get in touch with us at – the deadline for contributions is August 15!


Artwork: Barbora Demovicova
Text: Anna Wim

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