TOPIC: Light

The darkness is falling upon us – don’t give up, and follow the light.

lightPhoto by Tereza Stouracova


We’re entering dark times. Days are getting shorter, the sky grayer and gloomier. The occasional touch of a sun ray feels like a long-lost lover caressing your face once again. But it’s not only the weather that’s dragging us down; it’s the politics, the injustice, the discrimination, ever-so-present. We’re lost in the dusk, trying to get back on our feet in the unknown.

Darkness is scary. It beats one down to chase that tiny, flickering beam of hope, somewhere in distance. But sometimes, the darkness is necessary for us to see the light. Remember – after each night comes a dawn, and the world is brighter once again. Believe that the light will return, and it will soon fill you up with its eternal glow.

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Photo: Tereza Stouracova
Design: Kaa Glo
Text: Anna Wim

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