TOPIC: Resistance

Summon all your courage and get ready to fight back. This month, we encourage you to revolt against the oppression. It’s time to resist!

Text by Anna Wim

kink_web-01Artwork by Bara Ruzickova


The times are fucked up. The world is crumbling to pieces. Undoubtedly, a lot of positive change has already happened, but all these achievements are quickly wiped out in the light of the horrid news of discrimination, violence, and injustice we constantly get exposed to. For so many people, it is an everyday battle just to exist in a way they want. A battle to survive.

However, we at Kink believe there’s still a way to change that. With our fists clenched, our teeth gritted, clothed in our rioting attire, we embark on a journey for the new future, and we invite you to join us too. Question the system. Challenge the norms. Ask for answers. Love, oneself and others – these days, it is a radical act.

Channel your fury through your art and participate in the never-ending quest of resistance by sharing it with us. Get in touch with us at – the deadline for contributions is June 15!


Artwork: Bara Ruzickova
Text: Anna Wim

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