TOPIC: Secrets

In the midst of this sultry August haze, shed your protective layers and dare to plunge deep into the dark ocean of secrets that surrounds us.

KINKPhoto by Lena Luga


While it’s easy to just float away on the dreamy waves of summer, your only wish being that it never ends, don’t let the heat numb you into indifference, where you stop questioning what’s on the shiny plates you’re being served. Though it might be fresh, sweet and—peculiarly—exactly like what you’ve been looking for, peer beyond what’s under the bright lights and into the shadows, that’s where the whole scoop hides.

Share with us your clues and hot leads to intriguing revelations, the secrets stored in your second brain or the mysteries abiding in your art and send them – the deadline is 15 August!


Photo: Lena Luga
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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