TOPIC: Tradition

With the holidays approaching, this month’s issue focuses on the concept of traditions. Let’s sing this year’s carols with a slightly more conscious melody.

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It’s the 1st of December and chances are you’ve already involuntarily heard a full playlist of cheerful tunes and seen way too many cutesy angels and gaudy lights. Xmas time, everybody. The season of peace and joy. Well, provided you can afford a perfectly shaped fir tree and chic decorations and also have someone to kill that carp for you (fellow Czechs) cause you don’t wanna get messy, but most importantly break several piggy banks for the presents, wrapped up in all the fancy, because that’s the spirit of domestic happiness, and also be a Christian because other ways of celebrating this time of year are just kinda weird, huh?!

The topic of this month’s issue revolves around traditions. As you might have guessed, traditions can be pretty sharp double-edged sword. It’s nice coming back to them and confirm one’s belonging to some kind of continuity of (imagined) community but sometimes not so much. Traditions tend to be these habits and customs established years and years ago at times and places fundamentally different from ours. Traditional does not necessarily mean the good and right. Traditions are fine and cosy and nostalgic unless they cut into the flesh of beings who deliberately stand outside.
Let’s have a little critical thinking exercise with artists and creators who challenge the notion of traditional. Because what is more fun than questioning the seemingly unquestionable.

So this year, deck the halls with radical tolerance and kindness, y’all.

Would you like to share some of your own traditions with us? Get in touch with us at – the deadline for contributions is Dec. 15!

Artwork: Anna Wim
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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