In darkness we meet

Going beyond the conventional notions about fashion, the Berlin-based brand UY makes a bold stroke with black almost synonymous with their identity to wipe out all rules and start with a clear canvas for creating genderless, timeless, and all culture embracing garments. Get a taste of their darkness in our interview below.

Interview by Anna Wim, text by Gabriela Holesova

Starting off in Barcelona as a creative endeavour of two friends meeting at a fashion school, the label saw its beginning as a small batch of T-shirts made by the design duo of Idan Gilony and Fanny Lawaetz for themselves and their friends, quickly gaining its popularity and a demand for more. From there on it all gathered a rapid momentum, the brand being named UY and moving to Berlin, a city perfectly reflecting the essence of the it: vanguard, bold and free.




For starters, could you describe UY in three words?
Genderless, confident & minimalistic.




How does a typical day at the UY studio look like?
Idan: A regular day at UY starts off with us having a green smoothie together while discussing our plans of the day over breakfast. The team then comes in at 12, we smoke a cigarette together and start working. Lunchtime is when we all sit together and is mostly our time to hangout and chit chat, I usually cook for all of us (this is actually how I started to like cooking!). Work usually ends at 6-7pm. Throughout the day, there’s an influx of friends and customers coming in and out; to say hello, buy clothes, or for a meeting. Our studio is always a full house which is great because we always love to host!




Both of you come from different countries (Fanny comes from Sweden and Idan from Israel), and you met while studying in Spain. How have these diverse environments influenced you?
Fanny: Our difference in culture really gave us a balance, and allowed us to complement each other in what we lack. Israel is a bit chaotic, whereas Sweden is very organized.




You describe your clothes as genderless. Lately, gender identities that go beyond the binary have been receiving more visibility than ever before. Do you think we are finally moving beyond gender?
Fanny: I think we are on a good path, as we’re living in Berlin, I sometimes feel that it is getting a lot more visible. But Berlin indeed feels like a bubble from time to time, and when we leave we see how some other places are still following more traditional ways. Many different fashion shows in Paris for example have been mixing it up, and now French Vogue has had its first transgender person on its cover. So I do believe there will be a change, and good change takes time.




You have often named Berlin as one of the main sources of inspiration, and one can definitely feel the city’s very own edge and novelty from your designs. Which place (or neighborhood perhaps) inspires you the most?
Idan: What we love most about Berlin is that everywhere you go you can find inspiration – it’s a great melting pot of culture and style.


Our current topic is “harmony” – how would you define it?
Effortless & Smooth.




Could you reveal what we can expect from UY in 2017?
Let’s say that you should stay tuned, new surprises are coming!




UY: Website, Facebook
Photos: Spyros Droussiotis
Models: Paula, Frederik Lovric, Sami Gottschalck, Elias Gozal, Thiago Dias
Text: Gabriela Holesova
Interview: Anna Wim

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