Devil cat and Co.

Imagine Looney Tunes in the upside down with a pinch of devilish wasabi. Enter the magic forest, but beware the shadows, while the moon is red.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

xuh is a Polish illustrator affiliated with klub zin collective based in Krakow. Similarly to many of the characters in xuh’s drawings, the identity of the artist is obscured by the shadow of mystery, dark masked with bright eyes. xuh presents most of the works through social media. Some of the illustrations have a very distinct pixel-art-esque quality of Microsoft Paint genius. xuh often pictures devilish-like youth, lurking in shadows, with sly and cunning stares, slowly drawing a cigarette smoke. These characters have their counterparts in xuh’s friendly animal folks including cat, bunny, and lamb. Clearly drawing from deep-rooted traditions of popular culture imagery, both Eastern and Western, xuh creates an amazingly attractive merge of dark gaijin manga and the “Disney sinister”. Somewhere on the verge of realities and different worlds, on the edge of the reflection of the mirror, xuh’s creations gaze back with uncanny smirks.









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Text: Padla Nemeckova

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