Soft fabrics of space

Submerge yourself into the pink bubblegum world and float around as you venture on your explorer mission. Discover the 360° artwork of Zsófia Boda.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

Constantly finding new sources of inspiration in anything from a bubble wrap to a collection of cacti spotted at somebody’s apartment, the Budapest-based artist Zsófia Boda invites us on an exploration of her own fantasy world. Describing her creative process as very painstaking and slow, she is a perfectionist, every element of her artworks carefully thought through.

It seems like we’re entering the scene only moments after an explosion, soft and smooth pieces intermingled with sharp-edged fragments and torn apart crumpled spatial fabrics, oozing a mysterious mint green liquid. You can’t shake off the feeling of it all being rather uncanny, but then you look around and catch sight of a sun, paler yet unwithered, and somehow you know that all will be well again.


Zsófia Boda: Tumblr
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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